Wednesday, November 21, 2007


The Psalms and Proverbs are my two favorites. Through each psalm, the Spirit beacons to hold my heart while tenderly drawing out that which I do not yet entrust to Him. My head, on the other hand, grabs those Proverbs and slaps them up as rules.

Each one is good. For me, however, a balance of the two is best.

Lately, blogging has started to crowd out my morning study and I could see the effects in many other areas of my life. So, a blogging break needed to happen. Eric leaves around 5 am and I spend the next hour or so in His word. Seeing how He honors my time with Him is quite amazing. I actually enjoy cleaning the house now! And the extra time I have - all of a sudden!! Where were those minutes/hours before? When you feel rushed, stressed, or strung-out, seek Him. You will find Him. I promise.

To where does the Spirit lead when you search His written Word?