Friday, June 1, 2007

Doors of Bronze & Iron Bars

"I [God] will go before you and make the rough places smooth; I will shatter the doors of bronze, and cut through their iron bars."
Isaiah 45:2
After we planted our first raised bed, we realized we may as well make room for another. However, throughout the years trees & bushes have completely consumed our property making it impossible to landscape without removing them.

Take this tree, for instance. Actually, it's an overgrown holly - waaaaay overgrown. For a comparison, I took a photo of Hubby peering to the inside to see what he was up against.

After getting past the "doors of bronze" (the leaves - prickly little things), he had to "cut through their iron bars" (the vines).

Here's a photo after Hubby removed enough vines to control the direction of the fall. It almost looks like a tree rather than a bush. (Sorry for such poor quality - the sun took a siesta!)

Finally, the tree was conquered and has been transformed guessed it - firewood!

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Becky said...

Paula, thanks for visiting me today. I am glad you liked my nest of birds. We think they are just plain, old house wrens. My son is a big expert on birds and so far they seem to be following exactly what he said they would. This is not the first time they have built here, though, through the years. In the same pot even!

I looked through your site. I love your gardening. OH, how I wish we could do that in Florida. It is just too hot and dry here, especially this year. I have gardened years ago here with my kids as youngsters (trying to get them to catch the bug) but the water consumption alone drove us nuts. I guess we could do some fancy, creative irrigation but I think that would be more work than it is worth. I just long to live in the midwest again.

I LOVE your profile description. God be praise! A mama who loves being a mama - dirty self and all :)

Enjoy your weekend. Stop by again. It is great to meet a heart such as yours. I can tell you have your priorities in line just from my quick visit here. God bless you!