Saturday, December 1, 2007

Leaving a trail

"Consider the work of God, for who is able to straighten what He has bent?" Ecclesiastes 7:13
How often does one get to see the trail of a slug? The ever-so-slight layer of frost revealed this little guy's swaggering ways. Honestly, I didn't know slugs traveled so randomly.


photowannabe said...

Maybe he was slip sliding away on that frost...LOL
Interesting photo. I like it.
To answer your question, we were in Camas Wash. Right over the Oregon border. That was a long enough drive for 7 of us in the car. Had some pretty hairy weather coming back with almost O visibility and icy conditions. Lots of spin outs and accidents with big rigs going North. We did ok going South but it was pretty tense for a while. We did a lot of praying.

PAT said...

That is a neat photo, Paula!

As to your previous post...Psalms and Proverbs are my favorites, too!

Thank you for your sweet comment at the back porch. We are just two crazy Christmas decorators and love doing this every year!


Naturegirl said...

Bless you for noticing these things..I thought I was the only one!! hugs NG

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Looks like he is lost to me :). Nice photo and even has Christmas colors!

Kelli said...

How neat, Paula! It looks like he traveled quite a bit!

cityfarmer said...

Details through the eyes of God...wasn't He generous with His gifts to us?