Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Our House - Part IV

OK, not your ordinary blog post; however, bloggers, bear with me a few more days as I give my family & friends the grand tour of our house. Being 1700 miles away makes it impossible for them to drop in for a visit while out running errands. Besides, how many snow pictures do I really want to post?
Hubby's bathroom (above) is located off our bedroom; mine (left) is off the hallway. Since either is too small to accommodate two people, we decided we'd each have our own. I've never had my own bathroom before, but I must say that the idea is becoming entirely too comfortable!
One of my favorite prints which I've hung in my bathroom. The frame around the print is actually patterned glass which allows the wall color to show through. In our old house, this print hung on a burgundy-colored wall. Beautiful!! I do plan to paint this room (among others).


lilymarlene said...

Ooooh! A bathroom to yourself.....fabulous! No talcum powder....loathe the stuff.

dot said...

Separate bathrooms are so nice but if like me, you still get to clean both of them!

mrsnesbitt said...

LOL @ dot!

A bathroom to myself.....wow!
Now, where did I put that lottery ticket!


Blue the Spa Girl said...

You have a cosy house!!!
I love touring homes, more more!!!

Allotment Lady said...

Posh huh? lol

We have an ensuite and a guest bathroom - I guess I could claim one of those any my own.

Great rooms

Anonymous said...

Your own bathroom is awesome! I share 4 bathrooms with 4 males (3 of which are wee ones) and they are quite messy. Does DH clean his own? My goal is to train wee ones to clean, then they will be less messy. Enjoy the cleanliness and peace!

Helpmate said...

Thanks for the kind words as I continue to show my family EVERY part of my house. And no...Hubby does not clean his own bathroom. But I don't mind because I'm thrilled being married to my perfect mate.