Monday, September 24, 2007

Count Your Blessings Monday

Marci at Down at the Farm is giving us an opportunity every Monday to not only count our blessings, but to share them with others. This is a way that we can encourage one another.

Make a post on your blog telling us about your blessing. Please put a link back to Marci's post.

My blessing is time. I will admit that time is more of a curse at times, but it really is a blessing. When I set my mind to it, I can accomplish quite a lot in a short amount of time.

After we moved to the NW, I did not go back to work for almost a year. During that year, I learned that the more time I had on my hands, the less I got done. Going back to work afforded me the schedule and structure I needed to get busy.

However, I will say that if I can be outside working, everything in the house gets knocked down on my "to-do" list. If you visit during this time, you'll see clean laundry on my kitchen table, dust on my furniture, clean dishes in the dishwasher, etc, etc, etc. The long rainy season really motivates us to use our time outside. Besides, at least the clothes are clean!! Right?

Marci, thanks for giving us this opportunity to share.


photowannabe said...

Time is interesting now that we are semi-retired. Some days we just get nothing really accomplished and others are just full from beginning to end.
Volunteering for all kinds of things at our new church has filled many days. We do love being busy this way. It makes each day a blessing.

Marci said...

Time is indeed a blessing Paula. The Bible tells us that we are to redeem the time. Many of us waste it away way too often. Thanks for taking part!!

PAT said...

Great post, Paula!