Tuesday, September 11, 2007

terror in the night

"Sounds of terror are in his ears, while at peace the destroyer comes upon him." Job 15:21

Just barely asleep, Eric and I were awakened last night to the most hideous screams of terror. Before Eric was out of bed, he had the night vision monocle in one hand and protection in the other. It was coming from behind the house, but where exactly?
Gingerly, Eric walked out onto the deck. Somewhere in this tangled mess, the screams of the prey continued as it desperately tried to escape. Each act of defense forced the predator to find a new grip, dragging his victim until he found another stronghold.
Were the goats still in their pen? Neither of us spoke a word. Posed for action, I stood guard at the patio door ready to slam it shut after Eric's dash inside. Still in pursuit of a meal, the predator gave no relief to its prey. Chills of the hunt were right in front of us. But, where?
With one last bolt of energy and every ounce in his spirit, the prey did not go down quietly. Branches crackled, screams intensified, battles enraged. We stood breathless, stiffened to the bone. As Eric wildly scanned the tree with the monocle, protection prepared, the war ended as quickly as it began.

No more screams. No more struggles. No more defense. Just the tired, deliberate steps of a conqueror's victorious parade home after a long battle. It was done.

The goats were fine. Wide awake and just a breathless as we, they knew Eric's voice and were comforted by his presence.

Sleep came once again - finally. Will we ever know what succumbed to the terrors of this night? Probably not. Isn't this reason enough to continue landscaping?


Kelli said...

I can't imagine how scary and awful it would have been to hear all of that. I hope you get a better night's rest tonight!


Petunia's Gardener said...

After you told me about this, I went in, counted the cats, shut the windows and locked the doors! At least our vegetables should be safe. Doesn't sound like it is the vegetarian sort. Sleep well.

~Becky said...

Oh my goodness! That was a fright wasn't it !
I hate when something kills (to eat) something . . . but then,
all things must eat.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Your solution of "more landscaping" will not protect you from the reality of Nature. It is amoral, cruel and death is usually swift and necessary. Be more concerned for the condition of your local abbatoir. Your logic suggests we should all live in an artifactual world, all regulated with no place for Nature. How sad. I relish the sounds of wolves at night and chance encouters with the wild beast of the forest. The noisiest and most frightening sound I have heard is porcupines copulation in the trees. Now how bad can that be!